Visual artist, photographer and visual designer Jay Tang

Photography allows me to express in new ways.

Jay Tang | VISUAL CREATURE is born in Alkmaar, The Netherlands in 1981 from Hong Kong Chinese parents. He is being raised with the rich Chinese culture as well as the typically open-minded Dutch way of thinking, giving him an unique ‘best of both worlds’ mindset. This contrasting dualism helps shape his personality as well as his future profession.

He follows his passion to ‘create compelling visuals’ to become a freelance photographer and visual designer based in the Amsterdam area, The Netherlands. He specializes in visual identities, graphic design, web design and photography, which includes fashion, glamour & beauty, interiors, architecture and commercial works.

In 2004 he co-founded Amsterdam based design studio Terra Preta with design partner Dennis Maij. Having gained experience with creative stills and landscape photography, he started to explore different genres of this art four years later. He focused on working with people in his photography which adds an extra layers of challenge. Emotion and interaction with his subject becomes central in converting the concept into a great image.

In 2012 he puts emphasis on his career as an independent photographer and visual designer and takes on freelance projects, both small and large. In that same year, he enrolls into the second year of the study ‘Fotografische Vormgeving’ (renamed to Creative Photo Design in 2014) of the Fotovakschool Amsterdam, a respected school for educating professional photographers.

Both his photographic and visual design work are at times minimalistic and sleek, yet at times it’s very graphic and rich, which is a reflection of his contrasting dualistic personality.

I talk, breath and think visuals. Photography and design allow me to think creatively and express my emotion.